The best RPG of the Three Kingdoms,
Kingdom Story is back as a blockchain!


Scenario, World Domination, Boss Battle, PvP

Enjoy tons of game modes in Kingdom Story!

Lu Bu

Sun Quan

Cao Cao

Guan Yu

Dian Chan

Evolve the great commanders of the Three Kingdoms and form the strongest team!

Collect over 300 heroes!

Come at me!

You will be the one to rewrite the history of Three Kingdoms!

Be the strongest leader and dominate the world!

Where is
Guan Yu?

He's supposed
to be here
before the drink
gets cold...

I think
there's a spy

Should I
dye my hair

Build up the base to strengthen your kingdom Rule your own kingdom!

Grow rich and strong!

Jesus, she
stole my heart


My Dian Chan!


wow... she’s
so beautiful

You guys
are not in
my league

Even if you don't laugh now, you'll get it later!

Humorous characters!


Diamonds you get through the playing game are essential to obtain and strengthen officers.
You can also exchange diamonds for $KID.

NFT Officer


  • 2022
    • Team building.
    • Token economy design.
  • 2022
    • Litepaper release.
    • Official Website Launch.
    • Official Twitter Open.
  • 2022
    • Chain Adoption.
    • Official Discord Open.
    • Official Medium Open.
    • Game & Guild Partnerships.
  • 2023
    • Whitepaper release.
    • NFT Pre-Mint.
    • Token Generation Event.
    • Global Game Launch.
    • Native Marketplace Launch.
    • DEX Listing.
  • 2023
    • CEX Listing.
    • Membership NFT Sales.
    • PvE Content Update.
  • 2023
    • Partnership NFT Pre-Mint.
    • Nation & Generals Update.
    • PvP Content Update.
    • Breeding System Development.
  • 2023
    • PvE Content Update.
    • New Story Creation.
    • NFT Artist Collaboration.
    • Staking System Development.
  • 2024
    • NFT Holder Merchandise Shop.
    • Internship Program Launch.
    • New nation & Generals update.
    • New PvE/PvP content update.
    • Partnership NFT Pre-Mint
    • NFT Artist Collaboration
    • Web2 Onboarding Program Launch